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Antique Kitchens

We have an amazing rainbow of beautiful colours we can use to hand finish your Antique Kitchen furniture.

Choose from the ever popular Farrow and Ball paint range, there is a colour to suit everyone what ever their own personal taste. Antique Kitchens have an enduring beauty that will suit both traditional and contemporary ideas of an ideal kitchen alike. There is no doubt that an antique kitchen design will add a refined quality to your kitchen furniture. A more bespoke finish that lets your personality shine through is hard to find elsewhere.You need your antique kitchen to be hardwearing and practical as well as beautiful, so if the kitchen is hand painted, after a few protective layers of oils and primers are applied we carefully hand finish your furniture with a durable oil based eggshell paint.

At Benchmark Interiors we do listen carefully to our clients, your input is very important to us. Together, we form a design for your home that takes in the whole picture, whether you want a hand painted kitchen or an antique kitchens style solid wood finish, to find a whole new look or return some of the original characteristics to your home, a very personal attention to detail is needed. There are so many different looks that can be achieved even in the traditional antique kitchens style, but your kitchen is at the heart of your home and should be an inviting and comfortable place to be. If you are not sure about which colour to choose (after all there are so many!) why not see if we can help you. Call us on 01606837737 for your Free consultation today.