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Handmade Bedroom Furniture

The first and last thing you will see in your day is your bedroom so create a beautiful, relaxing and calm environment, that will bring an essential feeling well being into your life.

At Benchmark we provide luxurious style, custom built to fit any corner niche or slopping ceiling. Full robes framed with decorative pilasters, linen press, wide deep drawers and bedside cabinets all in a full range of materials including solid woods and hand painted finishes. We also have a very affordable range of vinyl's, with colours and styles to suit all tastes.

The sunnier colours in Oak, Maple and Birches create a truly relaxing space, while pale cream or white painted effects give a bright and airy look. The rich warm tones of Walnut and Cherry balance perfectly with high gloss finishes to create contemporary chic. Elegant handles, recessed lighting and glass or mirrored features bring about very distinctive styles.

We have accessories for your every need, tie and belt racks, shoe racking, wardrobe rail lifts internal drawer systems and laundry baskets are just a few items we offer that maximise on the efficient use of space without compromising on style.

Included in the extensive range of furniture we can make are, headboards, vanity mirrors, stools and window seating.

For a really fine piece of furniture we have our solid timber, fitted or free standing furniture, which is designed and built especially for you. With just a hint of shine or full on polished finish that would look quite at home anywhere. Don't forget all our solid woods are sourced from renewable forests, which makes it that bit more special.