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Bespoke Kitchens

Bespoke Kitchen Comprehensive Bespoke Kitchens Design Service

Hand Made Totally Bespoke and Unique to You

Includes full "no worries" Project Management Guarantee

There are a lot of kitchen companies that claim to offer Bespoke Kitchens but in reality all they do is purchase `Of the Shelf` products and alter them as best they can, usually during the installation. Although this may serve a purpose it will never have the same appeal as a handmade luxury kitchen that has been designed and commissioned purely for one particular room.

At Benchmark we are a truly bespoke kitchen furniture company in that every project we under take is individually designed and manufactured to suit each client. We take great pride in the Bespoke Kitchens we produce and try to make sure that nothing is overlooked - what may seem like a small detail initially can sometimes significantly affect the final appearance or workability of a kitchen.

From the initial consultation right through to the finishing touches we will work together with you the client during every stage of the process, from choosing handles and tiles to advice with your colour scheme and furnishings. Our aim is to make the purchasing and installation of your bespoke kitchen as enjoyable an experience as possible.

Whether it's a flamboyant over mantle or a delicate moulding to the inside of a door face we can offer almost infinite design options and with every piece of your furniture being carefully manufactured and assembled in our own workshops we offer a level of flexibility that can only come from a truly bespoke kitchen furniture company.