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Designer Kitchens

Benchmark can bring to you the very best in Designer kitchens. With a free initial design and planning service, we can produce an individual design that is perfectly tailored to you and your living space.

Today there are so many choices available, that finding a starting point for your project can be very confusing, so we are here to help, providing you with good design ideas.

If you someone who is looking for a real designer kitchen, we understand you require an individual approach which is totally unique to you and your home. Having had years of experience in the industry we can provide you with the knowledge required to make the right choices, whether it is in the right use of the right materials for your needs or simply colour schemes, all of our team are extreamly pro-active, helping you with your design and provide a first class service.

Most of us often feel daunted at the prospect of starting a project from scratch, so we make things easier by breaking down the design process into sections of choice.

First we listen carefully to what you are looking for, then having found the right materials required for your project, we can then move on to creating a design for your room. With a truly Bespoke service, we do not have many set boundries,so with a little intelligent planning and a genuine persuit for design excellence and quality, we can offer you real individuality bring us to the forfront in designer kitchens,  

As professionals, with years of experience and a reputation for designing and building high quality kitchen furniture, we give products that surpass even our most discerning buyers expectations