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Galley Kitchens

Galley KitchensThis Hand painted Galley Kitchen is finished in an unusual Green colour chosen to match the reclaimed wall tiles, was designed for an architect on The Wirral.

Narrow Kitchens, traditionally called galley kitchens can be successful working areas, be accessible and easy to use and still look wonderful. If we follow just a few simple steps together we can design the perfect Galley Kitchen.

Simple, clean lines and clear open work-surfaces will help to give space and light to your room and plain door styles with gentle curves will open up your room giving it an uncluttered finish. To stop the walls from closing in on you, leave one wall free of cabinets giving your kitchen more width at eye level, this will make the room feel wider.

Cleaver use of the space below your worktops will help you to create the storage you need.Lighter coloured work tops will also make your room feel more spacious, white Granites and composite surfaces are a stunning alternative to the more popular blacks, and some ingenious lighting will enhance the rooms natural light. Use warm colours and hide appliances where possible behind doors and lastly give your room a focal point, maybe a grand mantle around a range cooker or hob, drawing the eye to one side of the room.

There are still discerning people who appreciate our more traditional qualities of service and hand made excellence, if you are one of these people and would like to own a Benchmark kitchen or if you would like some more help designing your Kitchen, what ever the style or shape, take advantage of your free consultation and call us on 01606836501. We are here to help.