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Good planning is one of the most essential elements of your project. Of course you want your kitchen to look beautiful, solid and enduring, but most importantly it needs to work for you. Your Kitchen planning is taken on board by our experienced designers who make sure your new furniture will fit well and work well within your home. They will look carefully at the existing features within your home, make sure your new furniture compliments the surroundings and work with you to carefully plan the new layout.

We provide compehensive, hand drawn designs and elevations so you can see at every stage of your project how we are progressing with your design.

Our serious dedication to excellent kitchen planning and personal attention to detail throughout your project make us a little different. We do not have set ranges or sizes but hand make every peice of furniture individually, this means we can plan the layout of you room with-out restrictions and the high standards we set for the quality we provide also mean our furniture will long outlive factory assembed products giving you a real investment.

Excellent planning and an old fasioned belief that things are better made to last mean Benchmark interiors are planning for you your home and your future.