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Designing Small Kitchens

This very compact but beautifully finished solid Oak Kitchen in Middlewich in Cheshire is warm and sunny, it may be small but we managed to get everything in and the new owner loves it.

As with any small room, a small kitchen space can be a difficult to work with, but with a little thought you can make the most from even the smallest kitchen. With storage space at a premium we explore the latest in kitchen storage technology to help us along.

Small KitchensHere we use compact appliances such as 450mm wide dishwashers and ovens which take up less cupboard space and domino hobs and compact sinks which allow that much needed extra worktop space.

Efficient storage solutions and pull out tabletops help maximise the useable space you have and in this kitchen it doubled up as a computer table. Tall units fitted right up to the ceiling give a sleek sophisticated look as well as providing extra storage. Paler colours give a lighter, more spacious feel, doors and surfaces are better kept simple in style, here we used a solid white Oak slab style door and Corian surfaces in a deep red for a stunning contrast, the wall were painted a pure white and the owners kept the original terracotta flooring.

Finally keep every thing behind a door for an uncluttered finish.

For more advice on small kitchen design call us for your free consultation on 01606836501. Benchmark Interiors, we love our work and take great pleasure in creating your completely bespoke furniture designs.