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Kitchen Design - Storage Solutions

We will always need adequate storage options, that are both stimulating and inventive in any kitchen design

There is always more to a good kitchen design than meets the eye, and the details make all the difference.

  • Soft closure drawer systems make slamming a thing of the past
  • Breathable baskets for vegetable storage are invaluable and look good too.
  • Tall larder pull outs, full corner carousels or ingenious magic corners for the efficient utilization of space.
  • Deep pan drawers, cleverly concealed ironing boards
  • Cutlery inserts to keep knives out of harms way or even just a broom cupboard! but why stop there?
  • Pull out tables, mixer lifts, integrated bins, door liners the list is endless, but what ever your needs we can help
  • For the ultimate in cosmopolitan luxury why not incorporate a built in coffee maker or wine chiller to your design
  • An audio television dvd and radio system, under mounted below your wall cabinets forms an ultra slim flip down unit that can be neatly folded away when unwanted.
  • Inovative sound systems and flush integrated mirrored tv systems are ideal for this busy room where theĀ  design is paramount.
  • These are just some of the kitchen design features we incorporate - every one is different so please let us know your kitchen problems and we will solve them!

The art of kitchen design is making the most of the storage area you have that not only looks great but makes your life a whole lot easier.