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Victorian Kitchen Furniture

Changes in taste from Victorian and Edwardian Kitchens were largely driven by the fashion of the time and were indeed a "sign of the times". The Victorian kitchen was simple and practical. A large Kitchen table, a range cooker and a huge dresser used to keep all the crockery and pots in. These simple items completed the basic Victorian kitchen. Furniture was tall, defined and elegant yet completely understated so a strong design concept is needed to recreate the kitchen of the Victorian era.

Just a few years later the Edwardian age brought a different look to the kitchen as travel became more accessible the Edwardians started to bring in influences from furniture design around the world. Ornate features such as pilasters corbels and dental moulds became popular adding an opulent grandeur to every room.The kitchen became a family area, more of a room to live in and the scullery area disappeared.

Modern appliances and labour saving gadgets caught people's imagination and the modern kitchen started to develop. Painted furniture was popular, very often paint colours were used to disguise cheaper woods but later became very fashionable. For those who could afford it, Oak and mahogany were still the favourite woods of this time.To order a brochure and see some Victorian and Edwardian style kitchens we have recreated for clients throughout the UK please call us on 01606 836501 or fill in a request form.