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Wool Rugs in a Kitchen?

Shaggy Rugs, Wool Rugs or Hard Wearing Kitchen Rugs, Mats & Runners

It may seem surprising that you can use a rug in your kitchen - and these are not the average sort of Wool Rugs that you would find in most carpet shops. Specialist suppliers, often online offer  durable kitchen rugs and hard wearing mats. Materials vary, they can be really tough natural  fibre Jute Rugs to others made of softer, but still hard weraing materials. There is often a  a wide selection of contemporary pastel colours.

So even with luxury kitchens like ours, there's a kitchen rug, mat and runner to suit it and cover every area. One of the prime design features is that they must be hard-wearing and  resilient against spills and stains, easily cleaned and have a choice of both small and extra large sizes with colours to match your kitchen.

What about Non slip Rugs?

These are Non-Slip, Rubber-Backed Kitchen Rugs and are suitable for Laminated, Tiled,  & Hardwood Floors

The Rubber gelled backing gives asoft feel and keeps the rug secured in place on the floor and stops it skidding around. Nearly all  kitchen rugs are non-slip, but there is an anti slip coating that can convert an ordianry Rug into a kitchen rug.

Matching Rug and Runner Sets

Kitchen runners are avilable to match your kitchen surfaces or complement them.  If you're looking to buy matching kitchen rugs and runners, make sure you have a look at some of the most popular ranges, for example the Wool Rugs Ranges that are avialble. Check out Kitchen Rug safety at the government reference site