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Granite Kitchen Work Surfaces

Many people are now choosing Granite kitchen work-surfaces, there is no doubt that your kitchen worktop will make a huge difference to your new kitchen. Polished Granite kitchen worktops are very practical and come in some amazing colours and shades.

Naturally beautiful, Granite work surfaces can be sculptured and curved and then finished with some classy edge details, with a choice of lightly chamfered or fully moulded front edges for a very bespoke kitchen finish. For quality and durability these surfaces are unsurpassed.
All our 30mm solid Granite comes with an anti-stain finish and is polished to a full shine, recessed drainer grooves and steel pan stands can be added

Colours available in Our Granite Kitchen Work Sufaces

Antique Black - Absolute Nero -Indian Black pearl- Silver Black pearl
Star Galaxy- Star gate- Royal Grey- Falcon Brown- Dessert Gold-
Sapphire Blue- Blue Pearl- Blue Platinum- Verde Parola- Verde Fontaine
Palm Green- Coral- Rhapsody- Golden Glory-Saudi Blanco -Giallo- Cashmir white and lastly [for now] Cashmir gold.

Solid wood work surfaces

If you prefer a softer look to that of Granite kitchen work surfaces, the golden hues of solid wood are a warm and inviting alternative. With a little care, sanded and finished solid Solid Oak, Beech or Iroko wood work surfaces, will last almost infinitely, durable and usable, well worth considering.
Wooden work surfaces come in at 40mm with a practical oiled finish and a choice of square or moulded edge detail.